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    Think of US as your IT Department

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    Think of US as your IT Department

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    Think of US as your IT Department

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    Think of US as your IT Department

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    Think of US as your IT Department

Our Services

Services offered by BIT USA cover a wide domain. To offer Dental office paperless solutions is the target we set our eyes on, so as to develop software that satisfies all the dental requirements. read more

Our Products

Be it services or products, you don’t have to look anywhere else as we offer all sorts of dental products that you might need to redefine the dental automation technology in your office.
read more

Customer Support

Customers can now generate a support ticket to our technical support group by simply filling out this online form. One of our consultants will contact you with a resolution.
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Welcome to BIT USA INC.

Tackle the biggest challenges of today’s ever-changing technology requirements with fast and efficient BIT services. BIT USA- your guide to attain expertise in the arena of Information Technology!!

It’s been almost 25 years we are here to serve our clients with nothing but the best in terms of harnessing the power of computer technology. Established in 1987, the company intends to analyze and maintain the business requirements, providing customized solutions depending upon the application and then, establishing an effective support plan for continuous operation and maintainence. As we all know, technology if used wisely, can be proven to be a complete boon for your business. By using our services, you can make your business grow by leaps and bounds.

Here, the solutions are devised in perfect synchronization with the changing business needs. Our service & support system is so advanced and assembled in such a way that you don’t come across any problem while using it.

So, gear up and take a step ahead to mark a revolution in the world of technology. In this competitive world, now it’s your turn to take a giant leap. As your success directly establishes the benchmark for our productivity, we leave no stone unturned in making your business a sure-shot success!

From implementation to installation , and from end-user training to maintaing, we assist you at every step to turn your technology deployment into an easy and efficient process. Our on-line back-up is so abstractly protected and strong that you can keep all our worries at bay.