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All you need to know about Cybersecurity : Part 2

  • All you need to know about Cybersecurity : Part 2

There are many components to cybersecurity. Some are complicated and are really only necessary by large businesses. Other aspects of cybersecurity are just best practices for anyone who goes online (and that is the vast majority of us).

Over the last few years, it seems like there has been an increase in cybersecurity issues. The problem isn’t that there are more malicious hackers (they are more organized now, but there are not more of them), the problem is that many companies and individuals do not take the necessary measures to keep their information secure. It is incredibly important to keep your data safe, it is even more important for your company.

The following are some of the most basic types of cybersecurity measures. Learning a little about them can help you better understand how to better keep your information and data secure. Keep in mind that you will need to revisit cybersecurity a couple of times every year because it is an area that is constantly evolving.

Network Security

This one is a large area and actually covers a number of different aspects Typically, networks are managed by IT staff because they require dedicated resources to maintain them and keep them safe from malicious hackers. With a large amount of data being sent and received over your networks, you need to make sure that security is as restrictive as possible.


Encryption essentially translates data into unreadable bytes that can only be unencrypted by the recipient. Messages and email sent within a business should always be encrypted to ensures that unauthorized personnel and persons cannot read them. This does mean that you want to encrypt things like text and instant messages.

Training and Education

One area that most businesses forget to manage is in training employees on being wary of emails that are from a malicious source. From being careful about the attachments in their email to being wary of different websites, the user needs to be responsible and cautious with their online interactions. Training users is the best way to ensure that you and your companies information is not compromised through something that could have been easily prevented.

Patches and Updates

All software and hardware need to be updated regularly. Often times, companies will release software updates with a wealth of updates. Some of those updates will be new features and functionality, but nearly every release will have bug fixes, often times related to vulnerabilities with the software or hardware. Patches always fix problems, so patches should be applied as soon as they are available. Updates should be made as soon as possible with minimal interruption to the network and work.


Backups are an absolutely essential part of any business, but it should also be part of everyone’s regular habits with their personal devices as well. In the event that you suffer hardware failure, corruption to your files, or a malicious hacker who uses ransomware to take over your computer, backups allow you to lose a minimal amount of information. Backups should be conducted daily, at a minimum.

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