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Cloud Backups – It’s about Security and Reliability

  • Cloud Backups – It’s about Security and Reliability

Data is a commodity that most businesses cannot afford to risk being compromised. Not only do you need to keep your data safe from malicious hackers, you also need to keep it backed up so that you can restore it in the event that something happens to your computer or programs. With more companies moving their files and information to the cloud, there are different solutions to consider to keep your data from prying eyes and file corruption. A robust protection platform is among the most highly recommended because the platforms must meet strict regulatory compliance. That is exactly what Intronis Backup offers.

A Better Backup Means an Easier Restoration

Although losing your data is not something you want to think about, you want to ensure the data on the cloud is stored in a way that is easy to backup and restore. Of course, you hope that it never does happen, but planning for the worst can make it easier to remediate any damages should something happen to your data. The cleaner your backup, the easier it will be restore your information to its last backup. Timing is also an important factor – you need to be backing up your information often. Fortunately, the more often you backup your cloud data, the less time it will take to do each backup. When companies wait several days or a week between backups of their systems, it will take longer to complete the task and is more likely to result in lost data if a problem does occur.

The Right Kind of Encryption

To keep your data safe, you need strong encryption that you control. This is where Barracuda Intronis really excels. With 128-bit encryption, your data is as secure as bank records and government documents that are classified as Top Secret. This means that your backups are secure from many of the different security breaches that have made headlines over the last year. Encryption requires a key to unlock the information. Without the key, it will take over 100 years to unencrypt your data.

Additional Centers

In addition to your cloud space, there are mirrored data centers that are repositories for backups. The dual-coast data centers mirror each other so that your data is always available if you need to restore a previous version of your data.

How Our Solution Differs

Because your data and files are a critical component of your business, you need a backup solution that will work for your specific needs. While many solutions take a one-size-fits-all approach to cloud backup, our solution recognizes that it is your data, and the way you manage it should reflect that.

You Are in Control

The right backup solution does not limit you or require you to rely on someone else to store your encryption keys. The keys are for your data, and we believe that you should be the one to own the encryption keys to it. We let you generate a private encryption key that is completely unique and that only you can access. We do not keep any copies of the encryption keys for ourselves, so you do not need to worry about a third party viewing any information that you store. Nor can malicious hackers access it through means that are available when data backup companies manage your key. It does mean you need to be careful with your encryption key, but you can rest assured that only you and the designated people in your company can access anything you store and backup to the cloud.

An International Solution

Many companies offer solutions that tend to only meet the requirements of a small area, but we have two centers for international data security. With data centers in both the US and Canada, each center secures data based on the regulations of the country of the specific data center. When one country has stricter regulations, Barracuda offers the stricter security to stay in compliance with both countries.

Compliance in Many Fields

For businesses that must follow very strict regulations about their data, such as medical practices and facilities, you need to know that the solution you choose complies with those requirements too. Barracuda provides compliance with many different regulations across many of the strictest industries:

-          HIPAA

-          PCI

-          FINRA

-          SOX

-          GLB

-          SSAE-16 Type II

-          FERPA

-          Safe Harbor

If you want to know the full extent of our compliance, you can contact us for details.

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